Storms River

Storms River is a quaint little village in the heart of the forests and in the foothills of the majestic Tsitsikamma mountain range. Centuries ago, herds of elephants would migrate across this area at the start of the rainy winter en route to the drier lands north east of the area now known as Port Elizabeth to return in spring to the cool tranquillity of the coastal forests. Living in total harmony with these gentle giants were the San, hunter‐gatherers who periodically lived in this area and at the coast, migrating, like the elephants back and forth as the seasons dictated.

And so life went on down the centuries, until the modern era began with the arrival of hunters and modern man, felling the forests with axes..

In 1879 the now famous pass builder Thomas Bain first surveyed the area known as Zitzikama and found it to consist of almost impenetrable forests eastwards of Plettenberg Bay. By 1884 the pass through the Storms River gorge was completed and the village of Storms River surveyed and laid out.

Labour for this arduous task was provided by convicts. The graves of some can still be seen on the outskirts of the Village. In order to easily traverse the imposing gorge, Thomas Bain followed, the trail of those ancient elephants in many places. Today we can still see in places the remains of these ancients trails and admire the fortitude of the elephants and the dogged determination of Thomas Bain and his convicts in blazing a trail and leaving us their wonderful legacy for us to explore.

As the years went by, and the forests of Storms River were diminished by the woodcutters, the state decided that the time had come to step in and preserve the beautiful trees. The coastal area south of Storms River Village was proclaimed a National Park.

For some years a handful of folk had made Storms River Village their home. They were mainly retired folk or forestry workers, and they found the Village a haven of tranquillity. The Tsitsikamma Village Inn was originally a hunting lodge but today it is offers a wonderful experience to visitors to Storms River.

Gradually travellers began to discover Storms River Village and with this increase came the development of more tourist facilities, adventure experiences and further growth of the Village as more people succumbed to the unique character of the town and decided to call it home.

Today Storms River Village has become a bustling little town with a very special ambience and feel.