Knysna Fine Art: the alchemist has succeeded

dylan lewis, bronze sculpture south africa, knysna fine art

Dylan Lewis ‘Stalking Cheetah II’ at Knysna Fine Art. Bronze ed. 4/12

One of the most remarkable things about living in Knysna is the fact that we have easy access to some of the most remarkable art in South Africa.

The reason for this? A gallery called Knysna Fine Art.

I’ve been to see the gallery’s current exhibition in the historic Thesen House more than once (‘TRANSMUTATION: The Alchemy of Art,’ on until the end of June, 2016) – but then again, I try to go to all its exhibitions because its owner Trent Read (40 years experience in the business, fourth generation art dealer), and its curator, Sandy Bekker, change them often. And they’re always worth seeing.

It’s fun to go to the openings too, of course – but you go to openings to look at faces first and art second, so you go back when the gallery’s quieter to look at the sculptures and paintings, and ignore the people.

Art for my heart’s sake

I’m not an art critic, though, so forgive me if I don’t warble on about the individual pieces on show. (We’ve embedded the catalogue below, anyway – so if you can’t get to 6 Long Street to see the work in real life, at least you can look at it on line. And if you want a quick intro to the idea behind the exhibition, you can watch the video below, too.)

Instead, here’s why I think you should visit Knysna Fine Art.

Three words: Knysna. Fine. Art.

  1. Knysna. You won’t find any other place like Knysna (which is why Trent chooses to run his gallery here).
  2. Fine. If you ask me, the art is always selected for quality first.
  3. Art. Art excites us, relaxes us, stimulates us, intrigues us, speaks to our minds and our hearts, and lets us get both deeper into ourselves, and completely out of ourselves.

… Which is exactly what I’d want out of any holiday. How ‘bout you?


  • Knysna Fine Art
  • Tel: +27 (0)44 382 5107
  • Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday 8.30 – 5; Saturday 8.30 – 1.
  • Thesen House, 6 Long Street, Knysna, South Africa
  • Long. 23.04834 Lat. 34.037999

A quick word with Trent Read




Artists currently represented

For the latest list, see


  • Keith Joubert
  • Arabella Caccia
  • Candace Charlton
  • Marinda Combrink
  • Ben Coutouvidis
  • Kerri Evans
  • Emily Fellows
  • Jenny Groenewald
  • Alex Hamilton
  • Geoff Horne
  • Claude Jammet
  • Marie Kearney
  • John-Michael Metelerkamp
  • Frans Mulder
  • Velaphi Mzimba
  • Greg Schultz
  • Simon Stone
  • Julie Tugwell
  • Paula van Coller
  • Vivian van der Merwe
  • Peter van Straten
  • Leon Vermeulen


  • Elizabeth Balcomb
  • Hubert Barrichievy
  • Deborah Bell
  • Carmen Clews
  • Grace da Costa
  • Talitha Deetlefs
  • Adriaan Diedericks
  • Guy du Toit
  • Dylan Lewis
  • Theo Megaw
  • Toby Megaw
  • Uwe Pfaff
  • Carl Roberts
  • Lionel Smit
  • Andre Stead
  • Angus Taylor
  • Guy Thesen

Works on Paper

  • Norman Catherine
  • Phillemon Hlungwani
  • Ruan Huiseman
  • Colbert Mashile
  • Michael Meyersfield
  • Lionel Smit Prints
  • Richard Smith
  • Guy Thesen Woodcuts
  • Marieke Kruger
  • Mixed Media
  • Liberty Battson
  • Peter Cazalet
  • Jacki McInnes
  • Michael Nene
  • Gunter Obojkovits
  • Gary Stephens
  • Hannalie Taute
  • Arjan van Arendonk
  • Shany van den Berg
  • Barbara Wildenboer


  • Glen Green
  • Obie Oberholzer
  • Krisjan Rossouw


  • Martin Haines
  • Nico Masemolo
  • Lucinda Mudge
  • Hylton Nel
  • Lisa Ringwood
  • Johannes Scott

Applied Arts

  • Willem Boshoff
  • Mike Leggett
  • Ilse Malan
  • James Mudge
  • Trevor Opperman